Milinda will make sure the 2nd Ward continues to prosper and work to make that prosperity available to all.

Many parts of 2nd ward have experienced unprecedented growth recently. While growth can lead to opportunities, it can leave some people and areas out of these opportunities. As an experienced bridge-builder, Milinda is focused on expanding opportunities for all 2nd ward.


Milinda is ready to collaborate with the Grand Rapids Police Department as they look to strengthen their relationship with the community.

With a new chief soon to join the force, an announced state civil rights inquiry, and public questions about racialized outcomes, Milinda knows that working alongside the GRPD to strengthen their relationship with the community is critical to promoting a safe, equitable and just community for all 2nd Ward residents.


Milinda will work to enhance the infrastructure that allows Grand Rapids to be a national destination.

By aligning healthy and accessible housing and effective transportation options, that are useful to 2nd ward residents and businesses, Grand Rapids can be a place where anyone can work to gain a positive quality of life, and it can continue to be a desirable place for people all over the country to visit.


Milinda will be a compassionate, responsive champion for her 2nd Ward constituents.

Following in the footsteps of current Commissioner Ruth Kelly, who along with many former 2nd Ward commissioners, have endorsed Milinda, she will be known as a commissioner who is readily available to the people of her ward so she can best represent their interests.


Milinda will be a strong, effective, and compassionate leader for Ward 2.